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Welcome to the hub of small business financing in South Dakota . Here, we recognize the pivotal role that small businesses play in driving the state's economy.
I can't thank the team at Line of Credit Depot enough for providing the emergency $100k loan that literally rescued my bakery in Sioux Falls from permanent closure - their speedy financing and incredible customer service are an absolute godsend for small businesses!
Kyle F.
Current Rates in South Dakota
0% - 2% + Prime From WSJ (8.5% as of 8/8)
$250k available
8.5% as of 8/8
2 weeks to fund
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The Economic Strength of South Dakota

Renowned as one of the most business-friendly states in the nation, South Dakota provides an environment that is difficult to surpass. The state's affordability, combined with reasonable regulations, a balanced budget, and minimal taxes, creates a favorable landscape for businesses to thrive and reach their fullest potential. South Dakota offers one of the best business tax climates in the country, allowing companies to reinvest in their growth and development. By operating in South Dakota, businesses can capitalize on the opportunities presented by this robust economic ecosystem and propel their enterprises to new heights.

Small business stats:

  • 80,000+ Small businesses
  • $10 million of grants issued to small business start-ups per year
  • 99% of businesses are small businesses
  • 89.498 Small Business Optimism Index

Pandemic Savior for a Sioux Falls Eatery: How Line of Credit Depot Rescued a South Dakota Restaurant From Permanent Closure:
When the pandemic first hit, Dylan's restaurant in Sioux Falls saw revenues drop overnight as dining restrictions set in. Dylan worried he would have to lay off staff or even shut down for good. That's when he turned to Line of Credit Depot for help.
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